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I'm Tim, Principal Artist here at Darkfox Graphic Productions. A world of film noir, marvel style superheroes, femme fatal's and other imaginative personifications. Personalised graphic art and design to suit your various requirements. We draw almost anything, risqué or adult content if required but don't expect the ordinary and everyday from the Darkfox. Many examples of our work can be found on this site.

We have a thing for anthropomorphic animals but they are not furries! Maybe I can introduce you to one of our Sexy Mice. We can design a lot of things according to your needs. We have a selection of very unique personalised (slightly kinky) greetings cards for every occasion, but they don't have to be adult as they can be illustrated or designed specifically to your specifications.

We produce our own publications including a large series of various graphic novels and comics including The Carlisle Protector and Slashed Seat Affair. A couple of our graphic novels include the very popular Operation Darkfox and Animal Intelligence. We can even illustrate for your books or comics.
Some of the works we have carried out for our clients include album covers, book illustrations, logos and posters. We have produced greetings cards for weddings, birthdays and numerous other special events and occasions. I suffer from major disabilities and learning difficulties so we like to produce art for charitable causes and to help other people with disabilities.

We can produce artwork which can be incorporated into any design, just ask us.

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